Professional shipment of partial loads, groupage goods and full truckload freight in Europe

Shipping with tail lift

The main service of our team is transportation with a tail lift, which has a number of advantages during international transport:

  • Fragile and highly vulnerable goods can be safely transported from A to B
  • With our 2.4 × 1.5 metre tail lifts, loads of up to 1,500 kg can be lifted
  • With the help of the tail lift, the shipment can be unloaded quickly even in tight and less suitable places
  • Vehicles with tail lifts are much easier to load
  • As our trucks are equipped with manual forklifts and tail lifts, you do not have the cost of extra pallets or forklift rental, as our colleagues can unload the cargo without any difficulty

Our fleet of twenty, 18-tonne, trucks is also equipped with professional manual forklifts and tail lifts and all our trailers can be loaded from the rear, side or front to make the process faster and more efficient.

Bepelog - Truck dimensions
Express shipping

Express delivery

Punctuality and speed are paramount in transportation. Our express delivery service has been created to provide the best even when the unloading of a shipment may not be delayed.

In the case of express delivery, we carry only your goods from the place of loading to the destination and are not delayed by loading the goods of other companies as well.

Bepelog Express Transport: swift, trouble-free transport jobs across Europe.

Special destinations

We undertake orders primarily in western Europe, but we also transport various types of cargo to a number of countries and territories with particular locations.

In addition to our main destinations, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France, we also frequently receive orders in Sicily, Gran Canaria, Corsica, Mallorca, Sardinia and Ibiza.

In the case of the island countries, we also have great experience in ferry transport, so the sea crossings, which are often described as a problem, are no obstacle to us as we are very familiar with the rules applicable to ferries. Our ferry ticket sales partner provides us a good discount, with which we can also save you significant logistics costs.

Bepelog - Shipping to special destinations
Full truckload freight delivery

Full truckload freight delivery

With our quality service, our goal, and that of our staff, is to become your long-term partners. Whether it is just a few pallets or freight that fills the entire cargo truck, you can count on us!

With our team, we are also able to handle the storage of transit shipments. You can keep your cargo safe in our closed, unheated warehouses until the next unloading date.

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